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​STARTED  Puppies or youngsters  *occasionally or upon request:

 Confident  upbeat  started puppy available 3.5 month female. Working dog, breed or companion prospect.  Brandy has a nice heads up  with verbal commands, some leash work and obedience work. Gun, noise and surface sure,crate trained, kennel training and of course potty training. and manners are being worked on=  age appropriate training.  ​Raised with kids, animals and livestock. At this age you will also see more presence and quality in conformation development potential a plus if looking for a breed or show prospect. This is a great age for working homes and active  families, or those who wish to skip the just weaned faze. and are ready to get out in the world with a well tempered German Shepherd ​. We also offer starting/training services on your  pick pup from a litter.  This works well for those who want a bit more ground work in place rather then a just weaned pup.  If you have interest in Brandy and want to know more about her personality and drives CALL for info.