Sherman-Ranch German Shepherds

STARTED/trained German Shepherd puppies -youngsters  

Young German Shepherds  and young adults Occasionally available

Spirited with just the right bit of sass.

Typically for youngsters like these 4200+

Super for those ready for an awesome companion, 

Home and estate protection or  those wanting get a pup past the *just* weaned age Started Puppies/youngsters  have a nice heads up  with verbal commands,  leash work and obedience work. Gun, noise and surface exposures.  Crate training, will also kennel, and of course potty training. and house manners are well started and 

All work is age and time duration appropriate. This is not a fully trained dog, but an older started puppy or young dog with a great head start.  German Shepherds have natural high scent food herding and retrieve and other drives intact and desire mental and physical stimulation and FUN time.

Any new dog of any age will require ongoing training and committed home environment.

I am happy to provide training contacts in the area/region you are located.  

To reserve your pup CALL 541-281-6829 email

IF you are looking and ready for an awesome  youngster  CALL for current info



Cowboy 7 months