~ ALL pups raised with the family and other animals

~ Puppies and dogs  are current on shots and 

~ AKC  Resgistration

~ Parents of top German Bloodlines & health certified

~ Written sales agreement

~ Daily imprinting and socialization, early stimulous and 
   conditioning exposure, temperament tested. Gun sure.

~ Crate/ kennel/car exposure and training after weaning

~ Have plenty of open space,exercise and exploring  
   going on

~ Reared in  a clean, productive learning enviorment

ALWAYS reared with love and affection

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German Shepherd Puppies at ​SHERMAN-RANCH
Strong, Sound, Beautiful German Bloodlines
German Shepherd Puppies,
​Trained German Shepherd dogs
​& German Shepherd Stud Service  
Confident, upbeat working/show/companions
Schutzhund, German show, searach and rescue dogs ,herding, protection,
 LOVING family members. 

~call or email for more info~
Fatherd by V SCH3 KKL1 Graf von der  Falkenau
Son of  V1SCH3 Zekel v Mausepitz​VSCH3KKL1 Bessie v.d. Falkenau
​ VA5(N)SCH3 NUCH Pacco v Nadelhaus  and VA SCH3KKL1 Ando v Altenbergerland
Mother Quellie vom Nadelhaus vid Sherman-Ranch *a*1  daughter of  :
​V SCH KKL1 Jasko v Fredebach ​​son ofVA1(B) VA1(NL) V6 (BSZS'10) Cirrius vom Haus Thalie  V1 Pam Vom Holtkämper Hof ​Mother: SCH 1 SCH1 Jolly von der Hohenwarth:  
VSCHH3 IP3 V SCH  Champone vom RitterbergJosi Sandersdorfer Wäldchen and Gloria vom Kirschental! 

WE also offer Super STARTED/Trained  Pups/youngsters  CALL for info