If you are looking at purchasing a quality reared and loved German Shepherd here are some general prices for dogs in the region
Just weaned pups 1900-3500..started/trained pups 2700+ ​young adults and trained adults 5k+ Naturally it depends on breeder, bloodlines, rearing enviornment and quanity produced by said breeder. 

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Offering top German Bloodline
ADULT ​German Shepherds
Well bred, balanced German Shepherds  
Family German Shepherds,
Trained pups/started or Adult  German Shepherds,  
Schutzhund titled German Shepherd dogs for sale

BALANCED German Shepherd dogs
For  protection and loving, loyal companionship!
                       protection dogs, schutzhund titled dogs for sale 

German Shepherds for Schutzhund,, show, Home Security dogs, Personal protection, Family protection dogs, Loving  companions .
That even the most expensive or complicated security systems can be by passed or fail ?

That having a weapon in the event of a crime or attack can often be used AGAINST you? 

Owning a well bred dog with training is more likely to help you in the event of an attempted invasion or attack then other methods.
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YOUR  Sherman-Ranch German Shepherd dog is far more VALUABLE  in keeping your home and family  safe and secure compared to most security systems or weapons.

Statistics support that  DOGS ARE the BEST DETERENT to many types of crimes, including home invasion or personal attacks.

SHERMAN-RANCH German Shepherds Security dogs, Home protection dogs, personal protection dogs, Trained German Shepherds arted and trained  
Sherman-Ranch German Shepherds,
Breeding,  training, loving  the best in West German import bloodlines.

Strong, Sound, Beautiful German bloodlines.
Sherman-Ranch German Shepherds; impressive German Shepherds, with True balance of type and temperament,

Bred for superior temperament, discerning nature and loyal work ethic needed to serve and protect families and owners.  We look forward to serving your needs.