Sherman-Ranch German Shepherds

German Shepherd PUPPIES

Cherished SHERMAN-RANCH German bloodlines

Bred to serve

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Trained German Shepherd dogs Young German Shepherds / Started puppies 

Did you know your SHERMAN-RANCH GSD is not only a friend but can be a Sense of Security for your family?

SHERMAN-RANCH German Shepherds Security  Love  Loyalty

Welcome to SHERMAN-RANCH  in beautiful Oregon 
German Shepherd Puppies, Started Youngsters and Trained German Shepherds German bloodlines

Prospects available for the many venues of training they excel in including

Schutzhund, agility, obedience, tracking, service dogs, herding dogs, rally, doc diving Search and Rescue dogs

ALWAYS loyal companions for lifelong homes

Spirited with just the right bit of sass


German Shepherd puppies and trained  dogs with love and respect to loving, livelong homes and welcome you to our German Shepherd family. We have puppies  4 Northern California,  California, Nevada, Oregon Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Washington State, New Jersey, Ohio, Wyoming, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Louisiana, Georgia Florida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Central Oregon, Kentucky, Nebraska, Iowa, Mississippi, and Tennessee. .