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Interested in a SHERMAN-RANCH puppy, started trained puppy, young dog or adult? 
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Litters and Mothers receive great care, love and attention. As well as dogs
All puppies and dogs are reared with family, watching personalities and temperament inclinations... Not based on a one-time temperament test and are observed over time to help with selection, A hands-on approach makes a difference and great start in life. 

I am an occasional breeder who strives for preserving the innate training abilities and traits of this wonderful breed, The form below is for those who are interested and ready or soon (upcoming litter/s) for a SHERMAN-RANCH German Shepherd. If you are looking further down the road or don't know what gender or age group, you want please feel free to check in when you have decided.

Prices vary depending on litter dog at hand age training breeding nonbreeding etc.

GENERAL Prices below... prices may vary with litter and dog at hand CALL or email.

General prices start at:

Weaned Puppies 2500 and up+ Depending on litter dog at hand and options.

Started/ Trained pups/ youngsters and Young Adults+ 3800+ depending on dog and options.

Actual prices due to change at later dates and depend on options and dog at hand and a case-by-case basis after review of inquire for and speaking/getting to know more about potential new homes. Reservations via nonrefundable deposit to hold are on first. 
arrival basis for gender of choice (litters) or for the said exact dog at hand. 

What does a SHERMAN-RANCH pup go home with or what you will need:
VISIT the YOUR PUP page for more info after filling the form below     YOUR PUP
 yrs.+ 7500+

Please fill the application /inquire form below and return.  Reservations/ deposit to hold are accepted on a first come basis for gender of choice (litter) or dog at hand. 

We are happy to speak with you at an arranged time after hearing more about you and what your needs are. 541-281-6829