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C  Kona  (from Dutch and Brandy litter is available to right match home.

She will make a great addition to for family, security, sport and training.  Balanced nature and energy level. Enjoys fetch, outstanding scent/nose drive, high food drive with focus and want to please. you attitude.  more info available after reading your inquire form.

Prices for trained pups depend on variables such as age training and options typically 4200+

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Trained German Shepherd puppies for sale.

   Started German Shepherd puppies. 

Your SHERMAN-RANCH GSD will have current health check, deworming, vaccination and your AKC paperwork in hand upon transfer. Trained puppies have learned focus on handler, verbal cues such as here, sit, lay/platz, off, easy, back, go on /voran, walking on leash, ride in the car, gun tested, and also have crate training and normal family and home interaction house manners imprinted with a lot of love. While puppies here are learning from an early age, this is obviously NOT a fully trained dog but gives a GREAT head start. You can also see a lot more of what the dog may bring physically or may be in place conformation wise.  Remember that ALL dogs of all ages WILL need further commitment, love and training.

Prices depend on litter, pup at hand and variables or options. Typically, 3900+ and up

Delivery options available 

Colt 357 Robust Black and Red male from Dutch/Brandy

He is all male and a bit of a clown who even laughs at himself.  Strong food and scenting drives, herding drives and natural to alert behaviors, likes to tug, also has a loving snuggle side.  Colt will be a great addition to for family, and prospect for security, sport / training. 

Prices for dogs like these typically 3900+

Reservations via deposit are on a first arrival basis for gender of choice with litter or for said dog at hand and are nonrefundable. email call for inquire form and info.s is paragraph text. Double click here to edit and add your own text.