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German Shepherd Puppies, Trained German Shepherd Puppies Adult German Shepherds

Young Adult German Shepherds 

Suitable training partners, protector, hiking buddy, protectors and always lifelong pal. 

ALL dogs of all breeds and ages require ongoing training and activities for the life of the dog 

Obviously will change over time.  Your first mission with a new dog is creating a bond and relationship.

Prices depend on litter, dog at hand and options.  Typically, 3800+

If you are ready for a youngster or adult, we are here and can make it happen.

PUPPIES from SHERMAN-RANCH are purpose bred with temperament first in mind.

Prices depend on litter, pup at hand, variables and options Typically 2500+

Very nice V Warus male available 

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Strong Bold Beautiful Young  adult Male 

A Good natured balanced intelligent boy.

Strong food and scent drive. Protective and alerting instincts yet balanced.

This boy is a strong powerhouse and yet full of love, fun and affection. 

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Exceptional Vigorous Versatile German Shepherds 

 German Shepherd Puppies, 

Trained German Shepherd puppies for sale.

Adult German Shepherds

 Exceptional started pup/young German Shepherd dogs 

Blk/red Male and female prospect for your family now available 

Confident upbeat willing trained puppies for sale.  Training or family. 

Gorgeous well put together and more to see at this age.

 Raised with the family part of our normal daily life.

Ready to be a great family dog, friend and working partner.

Trained puppies have learned focus on handler,

Verbal cues such as here, sit, lay/platz, off, easy, back, go on /voran, 

Walking on leash, and also have crate training and

Family and home interaction house manners imprinted with a lot of love.  

Prices depend on litter, dog at hand, age level and options. Typically, 3800+

Remember that ALL dogs of all ages WILL need further commitment, love and training. 

 Link to Trained German Shepherds. 

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Trained German Shepherd puppies for sale.

   Started German Shepherd puppies.