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SHERMAN-RANCH  German Shepherds

Oregon German Shepherd breeder USA California Oregon Idaho Utah 

Strong Sound Beautiful German Shepherd dogs

Adult German Shepherds, Trained German Shepherds and Puppies occasionally available.

Young Adult German Shepherds 

Beautiful Robust Good drives and balanced.

Suitable training partner, protector, hiking buddy and always lifelong pal.

 ALL dogs of all breeds and ages require ongoing training and activities for the life of the dog that obviously will change over time. Your first mission with a new dog is creating a bond and relationship.

Young, trained Adult German Shepherds dogs 

Prices depend on variables such as age, options (staying longer, delivery needs) training, dog at hand etc.

Typically 4200+ 

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 We offer our puppies and dogs with love and respect to loving, livelong homes  and welcome you to our German Shepherd family. We have puppies 4 California, Nevada, Oregon  Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Washington State, New Jersey, Ohio, Wyoming, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Louisiana, GeorgiaFlorida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, Kentucky, Nebraska, Iowa, Mississippi, and Tennessee. .

Strong Sound Beautiful Puppies.

Always focusing on proper temperament and trainability, innate drives, vigor, health SHERMAN-RANCH puppies' confident upbeat personalities for work show and always loyal companions. Check out the puppy page for more info.

Prices depend on variables such as litter options or, dog at hand Typically, 2300+

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Reservations open soon for 2023 litter

Strong  Bold Beautiful Male