Sherman-Ranch German Shepherds

As well as  Geman Shepherd puppy litters; SHERMAN-RANCH 

Occasionally offers started /trained German Shepherd puppies,

Young adult German Shepherds and trained adult dogs for lifelong homes.

 2. Started Youngsters -- Young adult dogs typically 8 to 12 months

11 month MALE Loving  now available   B

 Typical stallion type blakc/tan/red German line handsome boy.  He will make an excellent companion and guardian for his family very loving loyal boy. Prospect for obedience, agility, tracking or possible club level boy/ and buddy. .High scent and food driven, Vaccinated, dewormed happy healthy robust. Has been socialized with the family and dog savvy kids 5 years and up along with other large dogs' feral cats black/ Started with normal vocabulary and imprinting training here sit off  voran/ go on and watch me easy. Fully Crate trained or will kennel for age-appropriate time durations and, has age-appropriate house manners and / focus level beginnings.  Started puppies and dogs have been with us since birth.

 Prices depend on variables such as dog hand, options such as breeding non-breeding,

deliver and or shipping,  4100+

Plus, any options such as shipping 


Those with serious interest send an email request  for further info after  filling  the application and of course CALL 

3.  Adult German Shepherds Young German Shepherd dogs Imported German Shepherds. 

Beautiful Robust Good drives and balanced settled in the home.

Good cook and has a fun sense of humor.  House cats unknown.

Raised with other big dogs and kids as part of the family. Proper breed disposition discerning nature and loyal

Understand ALL dogs of all breeds and ages require ongoing training and activities for the life of the dog that obviously change over time. Your first mission with a new dog is creating a bond not enforcing commands SHERMAN-RANCH dogs are only available to lifelong active loving home. 7500+

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 We offer our puppies and dogs with love and respect to loving, livelong homes  and welcome you to our German Shepherd family. We have puppies 4 California, Nevada, Oregon  Idaho, Montana, Colorado, Alaska, Illinois, Indiana, Washington State, New Jersey, Ohio, Wyoming, California, Utah, Nevada, Arizona, Alabama, Arkansas, New Jersey, Virginia, New York, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Minnesota, Kansas, Louisiana, GeorgiaFlorida, North Carolina, Oklahoma, New Mexico, Texas, Oregon, Kentucky, Nebraska, Iowa, Mississippi, and Tennessee. .

1. Started German Shepherd aprx  6months   Oregon Washington Idaho Alaska Nevada 

Gorgeous upbeat boy now available

fill our application form out email/call for more info

CALL for info 541-281-6829   Prices depend on variables/options 3600+