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  Trusted German Shepherd breeder of

Confident, upbeat AKC OFA German Shepherd Puppy LITTERS 

Raised in a clean, loving, productive environment. 

Robust healthy brood stock 

I breed and keep from for self, friends, family, service groups and a few for working homes and companion homes.       

     Geared to produce proper type and temperament.             

Top prospects for the many venues of training

they excel in including. 

Schutzhund, conformation show, search and rescue dogs,

herding dogs, agility dogs,

Rally, dock diving, service and protection dogs.

Our German Shepherd puppies are working dogs, a herding breed that

need homes and families who can accommodate and understand that they are high intelligence 

requires mental interaction, outlets both physical and mental in nature. This is true for the 

Your SHERMAN-RANCH puppy is bred from generations of

Vigorous Robust German bloodlines 

Your SHERMAN-RANCH puppy has been.

VET checked, vaccinated 5/1 current deworming safeguard.

Temperament tested including gun sureness.

Family raised with pets, kids and livestock.

Both parents and dogs in pedigree xrayed  and/or AKC OFA a stamps

And of course, given lots of love.

Your new puppy will be Going home with the following:

Vet checked

Temporary leash and collar.

Comfort Blanket/or towel for bed with our human scent, dogs and animals' scent on it,

Info sheet/ contract with dates and your AKC application for registration

Puppy food to keep your puppy well and on same formula for at least 10-14 days. Please have your order ahead of time to have.

Your puppy will be current on first vaccinations, de worming with safeguard,etc 

Helping hands and support from SHERMAN-RANCH 

Items for your puppy YOU will need to get or consider.

Foods:  We will be sending your puppy home with at least 10 days of same food YOU will want to get more food of same type and the items I am suggesting

Stainless steel bowl and water bucket (water buckets go outside and pups should not be given food treats or access a few hours before bedtime to encourage correct house training

Kong toys

All toys should be picked up and put away when your done playing.

Bene bone (chew toys) we use the maple sticks (good for alone time 4safe time durations)

Raw beef marrow bones at least 3 inches long (good for alone time 4safe time durations)

tug toys and tease/flirt toys are for playing with you.

alone time chews and bones should be picked up and put in zip lock. 

and or freezer until next time. 

X-large plastic style crate without any bedding or just a good absorbant towel or blanket with no batting is better. If a dog chews it up batting is a no no and not safe. This is age appropriate of course as well crates are for age appropriate and appropriate time durations only. .

Leather leash aprx 1/2-inch width 6' length. 

Safe collar that can be easily taken off when not training.

Dogs should not be left alone with collars on.  In my opinion Pinch collars should not be used until afterm at least 6 to 8 months of age some dogs do not need them ever some do for certain things.

For your first professional training I only recommend private lessons prior to group.

I can recommend trainers that are experienced with working dogs.

SHERMAN-RANCH German Shepherd puppies are.

ALWAYS available for LOVING Lifelong homes.

Typically for puppies like these 2300+

Prices depending on variables such as litter, age, and options Please take a moment to tell us a bit about yourself,what and when you are actually looking for, needs and if you require shipping delivery options. Reservations are accepted via deposit on a first come first serve basis for gender of choice AFTER speaking and having your inquire form etc returned. 

Interested in a Quality German Shepherd?  

Request our inquire form and give a call. 541-281-6829

Your  SHERMAN-RANCH German Shepherd