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Are you wondering about Long Coat German Shepherd breeders aka Long-haired German Shepherd breeders or Stock Coat German Shepherds?  We breed for temperment health and type FIRST. Either can appear in planned Breedings so at SHERMAN-RANCH can help with either and understand people may have a preference. Our German Shepherd puppies and dog the same work ethic and great temperament. We understand if you love fluffy, or not fluff and just want Quality.
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German Shepherd Coat Types

Stock-coat German Shepherds
Medium-haired German Shepherd Minimal feathering on legs and tail Feathering on legs and tail Feathering on legs and tail is more pronounced Easier to maintain and groom. Shedding is normal.

Long-haired German Shepherd
Hair is close to the body Hair is slightly longer than short coat Hair is longer and thicker.  Shedding may be greater.


V Warus vom Sendling IGP2 kkl1 a normal h and e

Elsa vom Iguard International OFA Good Puppies Now available!

AKC OFA German bloodline German Shepherd Puppies 

Strong Sound Beautiful 

Spirited with just the right bit of sass(c)

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  Prices depending on variables such as litter, gender, options etc.  Typically 2500+

Please read the other pages for tons of info and send an email request for application and litter pack.

Making a reservation for pup from litter via deposit in advance is the best way to reserve your puppy. 

If you are not able to pick your puppy up personally safe air shipping and delivery options are available to properly arrange getting your puppy to you. Shipping/transfer air Rates vary by location request quote.