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Hi Debi!

Halo did great on her first puppy runaways.
The trainer (who has successfully lead the last dog on the team to certification)
said she is an excellent problem solver and has a great head on her shoulders.

Right now the point is to teach her "the game" of finding people and that
it's fun, by using short distances. As she realizes the objective we'll move
on to longer distances and trickier problems but for now the goal is to
make it fun and easy while she learns the basic principals.

She REALLY likes Halo and feels that she will be a great SAR dog.

We finally made it over to Kerby last weekend. My husband fired off
some 9 mm rounds while we were hiking up above. Halo wanted to
know what was going on and headed (on leash) straight for the sound.

Next we put her in her crate while I had a turn at target shooting and
she promptly fell asleep.
We're heading over to Grants Pass on Thurs. to meet Jack. Yippee!

Thanks again for producing a dog with the solid foundation needed to build a
great working dog.


On a very positive note, over the last 2 weeks while taking him to my son's Tae Kwon Do class, an 8 year old girl was asking about him and wanted to pet. She even asked to hold his leash and this last week even fed him some kibble (I had a bait bag with me). This doesn't sound too extra ordinary, until her AMAZED mom
told me (and showed me the scar on her head) from a dog attack. Timber is gentle with her and lets her lead him around, unless she gets too far away from me....I'm very proud that he is helping her over come a fear and I hope that you are too.

Oh, the trainer that is helping me asked about his pedigree?

I'm going to email you some pictures.....hopefully this weekend. He's a beautiful dog.


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Hi Debi, I thought I would give you an update on the super darling puppy named Klaus. (U litter)  At almost 5 months he has a huge ball drive, is very snuggly and loving, and is growing like crazy. He fits into our pack quite well. He learns fast on his dog obedience and enjoys going to work and to the elementary school to read. He is calm and takes a lot of cues from Morgan at work. www.wallawallabraintrain.comWe really enjoy loving and knowing this little GSD. He is wonderful!
Thank you so much

Best Regards,
Sharon Stowe

Center for Life Management

Hi Debi, Please keep my comments on your testimonial page. My husband and I have been so impressed by you. The quality, time, and effort you put into breeding and raising GSDs really shows in the outstanding pups. You also described Klaus (or Griz) very well to us. Hence you know your dogs.

We recommend you and your dogs to anyone looking for a nicely bred and wonderful dog.


Hi Debi. I love Jake so much. He goes everywhere with me. I just got back from San Francisco with Jake. He is a star. I really mean it. Everyone loves him. He is such a smart loveable dog. I am so grateful for you in raising beautiful German Shepherds. Jake is my best friend and I tell everyone where I got him when they ask. No dog can top Jake. Thank you so much Debi. I will send a picture of him to you. Love, Betty Lou Oliver.
Picture of  Jake and Johnny

 We took him for some leash training at the lake and as soon as we got back, he wanted to take a nap in the sunshine. We love him so so much! He is very well behaved for such a young puppy, and he is eager to please. I don't think we could have asked for a better boy 💚 have a beautiful day! edit and add your own text.